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SINOTIMER Adjustable Over-Voltage Under-Voltage Protector 230V 63A SVP-916

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SINOTIMER Adjustable Over-Voltage Under-Voltage Protector 230V 63A SVP-916


- SINOTIMER SVP series automatic over-voltage protection device is suitable for single-phase AC voltage 230V, 50/60Hz, rated working current 63A and below users or loads.When the power situation is unstable, it's protection function will be automatically activated.
- It is mainly used for the protection of over-voltage, under-voltage or over-current in the distribution line of residential household box or the protection of single-phase power equipment.
- Its main feature is overvoltage or undervoltage in the line, overcurrent condition, the product can cut off the power supply instantaneously, protect the electrical equipment from being damaged; when the line voltage returns to normal, the protector can automatically turn on the power supply normally.


1.Stable Performence:The circuit boardss of products adopt good quality electronic components with longer service life and more reliable performance.
2.Easy Installation:35mm standard guide rail installation,easy to mount.
3.Simple Operation:The automatic recovery over voltage and under voltage protective device complies with modular design standards, and its use and maintenance are very simple.
4.Signal Light:The green indicator display, when the power is normal supply. The red indicator display, when the power over voltage or under voltage.
5.Clear Read:Super clear LED display and ultra-wide viewing angle, voltage and current reading can be easily seen at any time.
6.Function:Once the voltage exceeds the limited range of products, it will automatically cut off so as to protect the safely of electrical equipment and persons. The device will re-supply, when the power returns to normal.


- Name:Undervoltage/Overvoltage Protector
- Model:SVP-916
- Rated AC Voltage:230V AC 50Hz/60Hz
- Passing Max Current: 63A
- Over-voltage Protection Value Range:221V~300~OFF(Default:280V)
- Over-voltage Recovery Voltage Range:220V~299V(Default:250V)
- Over-voltage Protection Action Time:0.1s~10s(Default:0.1s)
- Under-voltage Protection Value Range:150V~219V~OFF(Default:160V)
- Under-voltage Recovery Voltage Range:151V~220V (Default:180V)
- Under-voltage Protection Action Time:0.1s~10s(Default:0.1s)
- Over-current Protection Value Range:1A~63A(Default:63A)
- Over-current Action Range:0.1~512s(Default:5.0s)
- Recovery Time:2s~120s(Default:60s)​​
- Delay Time After Power-on:2s~10s(Default:2s)
- Over-voltage Protection:Yes
- Under-voltage Protection:Yes
- Over-voltage Protection Value Adjustable:Yes
- Over-voltage Recovery Value Adjustable:Yes
- Under-voltage Protection Value Adjustable:Yes
- Under-voltage Recovery Value Adjustable:Yes
- Fault Recovery Delay Time Adjustable:Yes
- Delay Time After Power-on Adjustable:Yes
- Voltage Display(Voltage Measurement):Yes
- Current Display(Current Measurement):Yes
- Over-current Value Adjustable:Yes
- Automatic Recovery:Yes
- Installing:35mm Din Rail
- Size:58x36x65mm/2.28x1.42x2.56in


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