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To Our Value Customers.Guests.Followers.

CreateNow (Pty) Ltd.

We are in Bedford Centre Office Tower, Please Feel Free to Contact Us.

- Please make an Appointment for Office Visit.
- Trading Hours: 09:00-14:00 Mon-Fri.
- Enquires can be done on Whatsapp ---> Click Here to send message or Email.

Who We Are

Formerly Known as Cyber Orange Information Systems
We have change our name to Cyber Range Information Systems in 2009 due to the word "ORANGE" has been registered by "Orange Personal Communications Systems" in UK, they said we can not use the word "ORANGE" even we have been using it since Year 2000, after considering the cost and risk in litigation, we are changing our name but all business are as usual, all warranty under Cyber Orange Information Systems is still valid until the expiry date, So we just simply change our name..